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Fanny Pack (Literally a Fanny Pack with Beer)

ABV 5-8
Style Mixed Fanny Pack
Source Telluride, CO
Delivered from Telluride Brewing Company

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Product Description

Accidentally finding a fun name is the genesis of many great craft beer brands. A name can help generate initial sales when it strikes a chord. That’s the thought process for Telluride Brewing which calls its latest variety 12-pack the “Fanny Pack” and the brewery includes belt loops for consumers to cut out, making the box wearable.


“Naming beers/packages is one of the most fun, yet surprisingly difficult parts of the job,” said Alex Hoskin, Sales & Marketing for Telluride. “You have no idea how unoriginal you can be until you come up with a list of hilarious beer puns, in-jokes, and brand-related references then Google them and find out they’ve all been done before — usually more than once.”


Fanny Pack, the brewery’s latest variety packaging unit, includes the brewery’s Kolsch-style brew along with an IPA and Session IPA followed by a rotating fourth brand, replaced the brewery’s previously named “Avy Pack” which Hoskin admits was too deep into the branding for the Colorado ski-branded telluride.